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Criss Angel Trick Gone Wrong?


Criss Angel the mindfreak performs a very dangerous trick but did that go wrong?

Criss Angel Trick Gone Wrong?

Criss Angel Trick Gone Wrong?

Criss Angel Trick Gone Wrong?

Criss Angel Trick Gone Wrong?

  • Errol Barnes

    How he says ambulance though!
    OMG that scared me D:
    Poor guy!

  • ViralCentroKING

    fake to shock audiences just like the gun bullet catching.

  • ViralCentroKING

    why don’t u just say u can’t feel ur arms????

  • Trizzle Traveller

    Fucking retards, who ever believes this dumb shit is fake. This is a prank, don’t you think his head would’ve fell off because of the SPEED the saw was dropping, about 10 mph. Get schooled pussies. :)

  • HomeLiss

    This is soo cringey but when you have a head (Trying to be funny LOL) You know its fake:P

  • Sashaggc

    “I don’t feel my legs” that was a nice touch lol…Fake!

  • Guest

    This is how good Chris angel is . He gets you going

  • random

    This shit is for real homie, look at the lady with the handle, she breaks the fucking handle off witch means she tiggered an unsafety mode, well,that;s only my opinion, but take a close look at the lady with the handle

    • HomeLiss

      It caught me off guard at first too lol

  • evan extreme1

    dude this was a prank ive seen this before im not trying to be mean or spoiling it for other viewers buts its a praaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Envy Bellino

    Anyone have the full video? Where Angel says haha it was a trick MINDFREAK.

  • Brad R

    Get an amberlamls!!

  • DzastaBeatz

    Woah scary is all I can say :-(

  • Yahya Musharf

    did they show this shit on spike? wtf why would they show this!!!

  • Harriet__Tubman

    I want to know what happens after the people find out they’ve been pranked.



  • JaylBooth5

    What the fuck happened!!!!

  • Kanye West

    3:18-3:20 woman laughing in background? Lol


    If it cut him where they showed it would break the nuerons going to his brain from his spine/spinal chords and he would become instantly unconcious

  • hanky panky

    The People Acting is WRONG!! SO VERY WRONG!! Nice PRANK!, You Can’t Fight the Viewers!

  • Benny Blanco

    Criss Angel is a sick fuck

  • WWE_Steve Blackman _CheeseSqua

    If it was real the cameras wouldn’t be showing the people like there not concerned at all

  • WWE_Steve Blackman _CheeseSqua

    criss angel should not do another trick again he should be in court for good

  • Ben Strahsburg

    Omg! Please someone tell me. Fake or real?!?!

  • Baboon

    Off With His Head!!!

  • Sheldon Hudson

    Come on people.. THINK.
    1) They wouldn’t air a man’s near death. This would DESTROY Criss’ image.
    2) They woulnd’t add SOUND EFFECTS to the slice, and the music. It’s all effect.
    3) He did his research. blood is bright red from vertebrae. Everything happened that he wanted to. Chill out and think before you freak out.

  • Jay Sprenkle

    It wouldnt have been aired on tv if it was real. But i watched this before i saw the comments so it did shock me at first. LOL

  • BIGgucci SOSA

    That scary

  • Zenobia Martínez

    Fake I say cause even the blood looks fake especially the one coming ut his mouth. There would have been way more blood that that gushing out

  • ondastrength

    Did he die

    • Krazidawg

      LOL u think it really happend. i like how your causion. and No. It Was an illision

  • mrreefaman

    At first it freaked me out then when man started to talk he wouldn’t be able to talk with blade in his neck and he would probably be dead

  • Febreezy

    this is big time fake I mean this would not be allowed on youtube on less there is a twist so yeah it fake

    • o;EWhwofe1q

      it could be allowed, snuff videos find their way online. even though its fake, it could happen.

  • Random Questions Ass Nigga

    Was it fucking real

  • RealMfDeal

    Yo i watched secrets realved your fake criss see Fox News

  • Uncle_Rukus

    how can u trust criss angel if he killed some ppl in his tricks?

  • nelly love

    If it was real they wouldnt post it at all or be able to post it

  • Jeffrey

    pretty good when I first saw it I believe it. In my experience when you cut through flash it would open up like an orange peel. also the blood is thicker. also gets thicker as it comes out. one more thing take a look at the blade before it came down and take a look at the blade after it made contact with the neck. the blade is longer when it started. there was another piece of metal or blade that was behind the wood . when the other woman pull the lever that released the other metal And made the metal stick onto the blade by sheet magnet. why wasn’t the lever pulled when they were testing it. so the point of the lever is?

  • Gabriel Harvey

    i mean the trick is fake you can tell by the color of the blood it would be much more dark red and he would not be alive

    • Bang that phat cat

      Actually, only surface blood comes out darker. When you reach the main arteries it comes out really bright. And if his spinal cord is still in tact at some places, he could be alive, but a vegetable. But this is still totally fake.


    If it was real, why are the camera crew focusing on switching cameras instead of the fact this mans head was half cut.

  • Mark Gates


  • Tage

    “Its ONLY half way through”

  • bishwhet69

    3:07-3:09 the “blood” im pretty sure doesn’t look like that/come out like that, So…….FAKE!!

  • francheska

    It is fake blood would been pouring out from the side not just the mouth and the blood is to bright red and there would of been blood spater every were not just one spot fake

    • DarkEmperor .

      But wouldn’t that of cut his spinal from the back to make him cough out blood?

      • 4815162342

        i don’t think it is real… but the blood would be lighter if it hit an artery and if he had a lot of adrenaline going through his blood

  • Jennifer Evans

    To think that he’s great in any way..shows how lost folks are.. ..Angel dresses dark…looks dark and parades around doing death defying tricks such as this, which is distrubing and shows how demonically dark he is. Not impressed.

  • jerry

    2:99 ambalanch

    • jodi

      is this shit real? you think

  • iamASIANdealwithit

    If it’s true, one won’t be able to talk, specially if your brain steam (located on our nape) was already cut off from your body.. He should have died after 8 seconds from the time it was cut..

    • rhogin estabillo

      ..that’s one of the good answer…im also wondering why he has the capability to talk even if half of its neck have cut-off!

  • jacnickels53

    its all part of the trick…to freak everyone out.

  • naturallythe1

    Hey its okay! Its just a scratch! Just a lil scaratchy scratch! That’s all!

  • i_like_to_pause_videos

    Everyone this is fake , if you watch the FULL video which aired on tv Chris’s angel say its a “mind freak” and the guy was a actor and is perfectly fine . Dont worry