Man Walking Pet Dinosaur Man Walking Pet Dinosaur Man Walking Pet Dinosaur Man Walking Pet Dinosaur


  • xxxmckrzysiek007xxx

    They should make a video saying how to get girls while walking with a dinosaur

  • darius

    That dinosaur is clearly fake.

  • Victoria Semaan via Google+

    how tall are you

  • Victoria Semaan via Google+


  • BlaqqStarr

    What the fuck? Where did he get a dinosaur? I thought they didn’t exist anymore. Someone please explain this …

  • Random Questions Ass Nigga

    For once something original.

  • Space Cowboy

    3:05 i can tell that , that girl is from my country Venezuela lool the way she speaks..

  • aubrey

    Where can i get a ”whatever” hoodie?

  • DatTrollShit 52

    What’s the name of the song?

  • J.Gottwald

    Do more! That’s Amazing!

  • Kelvee Acosta9 minutes ago

    3:14 the kids 😀

  • Nae Smith

    There’s a reason why they tried not to film the legs..because you can clearly see the damn legs and the costume then just looks stupid.

  • Dee Bow

    Why didn’t you show the legs? Loved the reactions, btw!

  • WillyWeob

    2:02 AAHHHH GODZILLA!!!!

  • WillyWeob

    Aww the kids love him :)


    2:54 left guy. MOTO X!!

  • Ufuk Caliskan

    Always good laughs with the T-rex!
    Next time bring him to the zoo.

  • Michael

    2:54 spot the differences

  • Kane Vp

    3:07 OMG !! Is that Computer Programmer in the first Jurassic Park movie ?? He’s still lives ..

  • Nataan Sousa

    that last little kid!!!! he’s gonna be the next big thing, for sure. look at that imagination!

  • AwwReady

    OMG la musique de Foxtrot de Dieudo XD

    What’s the title of this song please?

  • kofi123amed

    Hahaha, this little boy at the end! “Raw, raw” so cute

  • Justin Mangina

    weak ass roar at the end should be punished

  • Naelle Mephane

    1:36 That woman is like, Oh no! Godzilla all over again :O

  • Torvasaur Rs

    3:05 AHHHH Dinosaurrrr!

  • andthenabbysays5

    You should take this onto a trail

  • Kelvee Acosta

    I love how you people make other people’s day so much happier! Look at those faces, man!

  • ludz


  • Jeroen Ursem

    Isn’t it supposed to be a Velociraptor?

  • Gustavo Fring1

    Notice how they dont film the fake ass human legs they film above it or have something/someone infront of them

    • Altai

      No shit is fake stupid fuck

  • Ceerad__ Young Horus

    Picking up girls as a dinosaur. Now.


    retarded prank (if you can call this a prank) and the music makes you wanna shoot at the computer screen.